how does someone learn to be a piano technician?

     Many professional piano technicians learned their craft by apprenticing with an experienced technician.  This type of personalized one-on-one instruction usually lasts from one to four years.  There are a handful of schools that teach structured one or two year programs, and a few correspondence schools.  Any and all of these methods can be successful.  Additionally, the Piano Technicians Guild offers continuing education, international and regional conventions, and publishes a monthly professional journal.  Local chapters hold monthly instructional meetings.  The PTG administers examinations on piano tuning, repair and regulation.  Those who pass these exams are allowed to call themselves Registered Piano Technicians.

how quiet should I be when my piano is being tuned?

     The rule of thumb is: the more quiet your house the better your tuning will be.

     You wouldn't stand in the light of a jeweler repairing your watch.  So you should plan to keep the noise to an absolute minimum when your tuner is working.  If you want to do some housework and you're unsure if it might bother your tuner, just ask him.  Many tuners can work perfectly well despite minor background noise while they're tuning in the bass and tenor areas, but might request that you temporarily turn off the clothes dryer while he or she is tuning the high treble.

     Most experienced professional piano tuners have tuned pianos during carpentry, vacuuming, TV, orchestral sound checks and even while other tuners were working in the same room.  But no tuner can do his or her best work under those conditions.   

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